EOS review


Hi guys!
Today I am going. To be doing a review on a brand called EOS.
They were very popular a few years ago, but me being late on the band-wagon, hadn’t gotten one till a month ago. They are in a circular shape. It was very original, until Balmi came out with the same shape, and kinda ruined the originality.
In the USA it’s usually $2.99. In the UK, it can get quite expensive for a lip balm. I think I saw it in Topshop a while ago, and it was £7.
The scents I have are: Coconut Milk, Strawberry Sorbet – which I believe is the original – Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit, Lemon Drop (SPF15!), Honey Suckle Honey Dew, Vanilla Mint and Sweet Mint.
I love them all, and use one everyday. I do have favourites, which are: Sweet Mint and Vanilla Mint. They are very moisturising and feel slightly pluming. I haven’t really used Coconut Milk and Honey Suckle Honey Dew enough to say I love or don’t like them.
I am not a massive fan of Strawberry Sorbet, it’s too sweet. Anyway, they are petroleum (Vaseline) and paraben free. This is great as, let me blow your mind here, Vaseline/Peteolium is bad for your lips as it dries them out massively.
Apart from that, I think they are good quality, very unique and a good thing to have. I would definitely recommend them.

All for now, hope you enjoyed. Byeee xx